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The Snowdrop Candle Company Team

How it all began....

Back in 2017, I was stuck in a job that I was constantly told I wasn't committed to as I had to leave to pick up my children from nursery.  I barely saw my 2 boys and most of my wages went on childcare.  I was stressed out, exhausted and could not see a way out.

Then my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and my world imploded.  She was my rock, my BFF, the cement that held my sanity together as well as the linchpin of our family.  In just 5 months, she was gone.

It's weird but that's what made me reevaluate my life and I just quit the job I had spent 18 years studying and focusing on!  Then, reality set in!  After a lot of soul searching, I decided I wanted to set up an eco and vegan friendly home fragrance company with beautiful products, to show eco can be elegant.

When my mum was in the hospice, I asked her to show me there was something after but not to scare me as she had a wicked sense of humour!

I had always loved snowdrops and my mum kept buying me pots of them at various points in my life but I didn't have the time and kept forgetting about them on my windowsill.

Then one day in May, I walked past our rockery to see a single snowdrop there.  They are a bulb flower and have never had any before or after!  Whether it was a sign, who knows, but The Snowdrop Candle Company was born!

Now I have time for my kids and do supply work at an autistic school if I have an extra time.  I feel more worthwhile and love what I do.  It was all worth it when I could home school my boys during lockdown without having to juggle my whole life!

Soon after, my big sister Diane joined me on the journey.  



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Lisa Stewart



Diane Clarke


The Snowdrop Candle Company team: Meet The Team
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